BAND-MAID started out July in the year of 2013 and officially formed with current five girls in August. BAND-MAID is the Japanese all girls rock band with five members who dressed as maids.
Unlike their cute and gothic concept of maids’ uniform, their play is very authentic and classic. As they stick to their concept of Maids, they call their LIVE a “Serving” (お給仕) call their fans “Master and Princess”.(ご主人様、お嬢様)
With two main vocal, guitar, bass, and the drums, their live play is sure to rock their “Masters and Princesses”
They attract you not only by their appealing visuals but also their promising sound. Their music video "Thrill" hit 2million views within a two weeks on Facebook and also a million views has passed less than a year on YouTube.
Getting a lot of attention from outside of Japan they’ve made their USA debut in March 2016 at Sakura-Con, in Seattle. There were over 3,000 people in the crowd.
In response to their Masters and Princesses’ love from all over the world they are planning to go global to "serve" you with Japanese hard rocking sound.

Formed in July
7/24 "PPBAND AUDITION" @ First time visit at Otsuka Deepa
8/22 "P(祭)Festival" Opening · Act @ SHIBUYA - AX (New member SAIKI announcement serving)
1/8 1st mini album "MAID IN JAPAN" released
2/8 1st ONE-MAN SHOW "MAID IN JAPAN" @ shibuya Milkyway
8/13 1st Single "Love and Passion Matador" Released
7/18 2nd Anniversary ONE-MAN service "Breakin' new gate" @ shibuya eggman
7/29 "Spirit OTODAMA SEA STUDIO 2015 Happy Summer KAMAKURA" Starring
8/1 "AGO FES sponsored by Momoiro Clover Z" appeared
9/13 "Meat Rock FES MEET & MEAT STAGE" appeared
10/27 Second place in NHK international broadcasting "J-MELO Breakthrough Artist Showcase 2015" audience vote
11/18 2nd mini album "New Beginning" released
2 / 5,12,14 New Beginning Tour 2016 held in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, held on 2/27 additional
performances per sold
3/26 I will do my first oversea service in Seattle "Sakura-con" in the USA
5/18 3rd Mini Album released "Brand New MAID"
5/27〜29 England London "MCM London COMIC-COM" starring
6/12 "NAON's YAON 2016" @ Hibiya Yagai-Ongakudo appeared
6/18 British label JPU records released 3rd mini album "Brand New MAID"
9/18 "Inazuma Rock Festival 2016" starring
10/9〜11/5 "Brand New MAID" Turns around Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Hong Kong at the Release Tour World Series.
11/6 2nd single "YOLO" released
1/9 "1st Full Album「Just Bring It」Pre-Release One-man 〜新年 初お給仕はじめます〜 @  Akasaka BLITZ
1/11 1st Full album『Just Bring It』Release
4/29 “ARABAKI ROCK FEST.17” Appearance
5/10〜6/15 「初 One-man お給仕 Tour 2017」Started. SOLD OUT in all places.
6/3 “ミリオンロックフェスティバル〜百万石音楽祭2017〜” Appearance
6/22〜25 Taiwan “Golden Melody Awards & Festival 2017” Appearance
7/19 3rd single『Daydreaming / Choose me』Release
8/19,20 “SUMMER SONIC 2017” Appearance
8/26 China “SUMMER SONIC SHANGHAI 2017” Appearance

[ MAID MEMBER are... ]

小鳩ミク (Gt/Vo.)
Twitter :  @miku_bandmaid
Instagram :  kobatomiku

彩姫 (Vo.)

Twitter :  @saiki_bandmaid
Instagram :  saiki_bandmaid


Twitter :  @kanami_bandmaid
Instagram :  kanami_bandmaid


Twitter :  @achi_bandmaid
Instagram :  akane_bandmaid

MISA (Ba.)

Twitter :  @misa_bandmaid
Instagram : misa_bandmaid