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This site is the "Official Site of BAND-MAID", and also provides service for fan club "O-MEI-SYU-SAMA-NO-KAI".

We have prepared a variety of original contents for members of "O-MEI-SYU-SAMA-NO-KAI".

We look forward to seeing fans of BAND-MAID joining us at "O-MEI-SYU-SAMA-NO-KAI".

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Introduction for Member-Only Service

Members of "O-MEI-SYU-SAMA-NO-KAI" can enjoy certain member-only contents and special offers.
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Member-only contents
※We update our contents every now and then.
Ticket pre-registration for O-MEI-SYU-SAMA's Ticket pre-acceptance for members
Exclusive pictures for O-MEI-SYU-SAMA's Send out member-only pictures
Exclusive videos for O-MEI-SYU-SAMA's Send out member-only videos
Our requests for O-MEI-SYU-SAMA's Send out member-only online magazines

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