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About Delivery

Delivery times

We arrange our shipments within 10 business days after you have placed your order (not counting weekends or public holidays).

Our products are usually delivered within 15 to 30 days after being shipped, but they can be a little bit late depending on weather or traffic conditions. Your understanding is appreciated.

There is no fixed time for deliveries. Once all shipping preparations are finished, we send products out in sequential order.

Once the product has been shipped, you can check the order's tracking number and delivery status via a link placed in your order history page.

Joint shipping / split shipping

We are unable to include other items into one same order once it has been placed, and neither can orders be split.

As soon as all your purchases have been grouped into one order, any further purchases will have to be sent by extra shipping. So please make sure to check your order thoroughly before placing it.

Shipping fee

Shipping fees by area Shipping fee
Shipping to the area in Japan except for Okinawa JPY ¥880(tax included)
Shipping to Okinawa JPY ¥2,068(tax included)
International Shipping (Outside of Japan) Please see the following page

*Shipment fee may differ according to the items.

In the case of unknown addresses or long absences

If delivery cannot be made due to an unknown address or a long absence, and yet you request that the item be sent to you once again, it will cost an extra handling commission.

Furthermore, if 14 full days go by without your package being retrieved, your order will be canceled.

If due to personal circumstances the customer refuses to receive the purchase, or is absent for a long period of time, and yet continues to request a re-shipment, their use of this service may become restricted. Please make sure to accept all purchases that you make.

Delivery Date of Reserved Items

Please see the shipping date (or estimated delivery date) on the order screen for each product for the delivery date for your reserved item.

Furthermore, items will be shipped within two months of purchase.