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【MV Release】3rd Single "start over" Music Video Public Release! "REAL EXISTENCE" Okyuuji Video ver. out as well!


Released on July 25, 2018, the music video for BAND-MAID's 3rd single, "start over", is now open to the public!


BAND-MAID is the group that's looking to take over the world, and their third single,

"start over" is all about going back to square one.

Past and present BAND-MAID cross over in this ambitious work!

BAND-MAID "start over" Music Video


But wait! The Limited First Edition of "start over" comes with not just their April 13 Zepp Tokyo Okyuuji Video,

but an Okyuuji Video for "REAL EXISTENCE" as well! Check them both out!


The latest video is up today!!

・BAND-MAID  "start over" MV

・BAND-MAID "REAL EXISTENCE(April 13th , 2018)" Okyuuji Video