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【NEWS】Things to know when visiting a BAND-MAID live performance


■To all the masters and mistresses who come to see BAND-MAID: 

Taking pictures, video filming and audio recording are prohibited. If suspicious behavior is detected, your device might be taken into custody and you might be banned from the venue.

Acts such as taking up too much space or reserving areas using personal belongings such as towels, etc are prohibited.

Admission proceeds by order of ticket number. Please check your ticket number in advance.

Please be aware that in the case of accidents caused by dangerous behavior of visitors, the responsibility lies with the person who caused it. BAND-MAID as well as the venue owner take no responsibility.

Please let a nearby staff member know in the case that you get injured or feel sick.

Please refrain from wearing sharp accessories and high heels as they may cause injuries to you and other visitors.

Please use lockers and cloakrooms to reduce the amount of luggage you bring to the venue as much as possible.

For your security, please keep your personal belongings with you at all times and be aware of pickpockets. BAND-MAID as well as the venue owner are not responsible for the damage or loss of any personal belongings.

Please follow the instructions of the staff at the live venue or the nearby area on the day of the event. Please kindly note that bringing your own food and beverages on site are strictly prohibited.

Let us all demonstrate proper manners so that all masters and mistresses can enjoy the show together with BAND-MAID!

■Regarding “stage diving” and “crowd surfing”

Stage diving and crowd surfing during a live of BAND-MAID are strictly prohibited.

*Any injuries occurring when disobeying this rule are the responsibility of the person stage diving or crowd surfing.

BAND-MAID as well as the organizer of the event won’t take any responsibility.

*Upon discovering a prohibited act, we will take necessary measures.

■About the mistress only area

We are going to set up a mistress only area during the Invasion tour.

Please feel free to use it m’lady!