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【BREAKING NEWS】BAND-MAIKO「BAND-MAIKO」to be released! Don't miss it


BAND-MAIKO will be finally releasing a mini-album "BAND-MAIKO"!

As rivals of the Maid×Hard Rock band "BAND-MAID," they are ready to make their mark in the music industry!

They will conquer the world with their concept of Maiko×Hard Rock!



Pre-orders have begun at all stores!

Also, to commemorate this release on BAND-MAIKO's online store,

original T-shirts and original towers have been secretly released!


for internatinal store

Please check the following!


Major 1st mini Album「BAND-MAIKO
Release Date: April 3, 2019
・Limited Edition [CD+DVD+GOODS] CRZP-40 / 5,093 yen + tax / Deluxe MAIKO Edition 
※GOODS:MAIKOOriginal purse / Senjafuda sticker
・Regular Edition [CD] CRCP-40577 / 2,000 yen + tax

-CD- ※For both Limited Edition / Regular Edition
1.secret MAIKO lips
2.Tora and Tora

-DVD- ※Limited Edition only
・「Gionmachi」(Music Video)
・「Gionmachi」(Making of Music Video)
■BAND-MAIKO「Gionmachi」YouTube URL
■BAND-MAIKO Official Online Store (JAPAN LIMITED)
【Bonus items from Collaborating Stores】
Customers who purchase the CD from collaborating stores and online
「Gionmachi(Making of Music Video -Another Version-)」will be enclosed on a first come first served basis!
Please note that bonus items are subject to availability!



■「BAND-MAIKO」List of sites where you can purchase the CD

・For all EC sites, preorders will begin on April 2, 00:00 (JST).

・For physical stores, sales will begin when they are open on April 2.


■CDJAPAN(Worldwide Shipping Available),CRCP-40577



BAND-MAIKO (Limited Edition) 

BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)

【Bonus item included】BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)

■Tower Records Online 

BAND-MAIKO (Limited Edition)

BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)


■HMV&BOOKS Online 

BAND-MAIKO (Limited Edition)  

BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)  

■Rakuten Books 

BAND-MAIKO (Limited Edition)   

BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)   


■7net Shopping 

BAND-MAIKO (Limited Edition)  

BAND-MAIKO (Regular Edition)  


※BAND-MAID will be back soon!! Please wait!!