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【NEWS】New payment plan for "BAND-MAID Fan Club"


Conquering the world! 【Announcement regarding annual payment plan for fan club membership】

Thank you for your continued support of BAND-MAID.

We have added a new annual payment plan option for the fan club, in addition to the existing monthly payment plan.

Fans from around the world are eligible to subscribe for membership via this annual payment plan.


<Annual membership fee: 5,500 yen (excl. tax)>

※You save 1 month's worth of membership fees if you subscribe via the annual payment plan!

※Payment at convenience stores is only applicable to members residing in Japan who are subscribed via the annual payment plan.

※For payment at convenience stores, an additional 400 yen (excl. tax) will be charged as a processing fee.

※There is no processing fee for credit card payments!

※Plans are underway to add Paypal as a new mode of payment for the annual plan (around mid-May), so please make use of it.


【Important】For fans who wish to switch from their monthly payment plan to the new annual payment plan

For fans who wish to switch to the new annual payment plan, please proceed to do so after May.

※Your membership ID will be carried over.

※Your membership ID cannot be carried over in mid-April. For fans who wish to retain the same membership ID, please proceed with the following steps after May.


〜How to switch plans〜

1) At the end of the month, please terminate your paid membership from "My Page"

2) Re-join the fanclub with a new payment method (annual payment plan) within the period between the termination of your membership and the last day of the following month.

(Please proceed with membership registration from "My Page" after you have logged in with your previous ID. Do not register a new ID.)

* This is necessary for you to avoid being billed multiple times when rejoining the fan club in the same month.

Example) Membership terminated on May 31 → Please rejoin within the period June 1〜June 30

※Your membership information will be carried over automatically if you rejoin the fanclub by the end of the following month after the termination of your membership.

※Please register for the paid membership from My Page after logging in with your previous ID. Do not register a new ID.


Please feel free to enquire below if you have any questions.


Fanclub Management Office