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BAND-MAID WORLD TOUR & We are partnering with "LIVE NATION"!!


BAND-MAID WORLD TOUR 2019 【激動】 ~gekidou~


We start world tour!!

first we’ll go to some Europe countries! please check it.


June 22nd, London @ Islington Assembly Hall 

June 23rd, Paris @ Le Trabendo

June 24th, Bochum @ Zeche

June 26th Hamburg @ DAS LOGO


Ticket links & prices:

London: VIP (70 pounds), Balcony (35 pounds) and GA (30 pounds)

Paris: VIP (70 euros) and GA (30 euros) + GA only:

Bochum & Hamburg: VIP (70 euros) + GA (30 euros) + GA only:


Presales start: Friday, May 03rd 12:00PM(noon) German time.(*JST,7:00PM)


VIP content:

- early get in for VIP only

- early merchandise booth access

- Meet&Greet with Band-Maid and an exclusive and signed poster from Band-Maid which is only available for VIP guests.

- concert admission


next,we will go USA and more...please wait!!!

We are partnering with "LIVE NATION," the huge, global promoter that manages acts such as Madonna and Lady Gaga!

we would be teaming up with the global event promoter Live Nation in a move fitting for 2019's "Upheaval" tag.


Live Nation—who BAND-MAID are now partnered with—work with over 2000 acts including Madonna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and Nickelback,
and organize over 20,000 concerts a year, making them one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. 

The band members gave the following comments regarding their partnership with Live Nation.



For us who have world domination in our sights, being able to team up with such a wonderful promoter as LIVE NATION
is really reassuring and makes me so happy-po.
Masters and princesses around the world, I will be giving everything I've got to bring even more amazing concerts to you all!



I was really surprised that BAND-MAID were able to partner with Live Nation; I'm so happy.

We want to try our hardest to hold even more concerts all over the world.



I'm so excited that we've now been able to partner with Live Nation!

We'll try our best not to be outdone by all the other artists that are already there!

I hope that we can all have fun trying our best to achieve world domination!



This time we have partnered with Live Nation!! I'm overjoyed!!
I'll be giving everything so that BAND-MAID can make the next step forward!! Thank you all very much!!!



It's an honor to be able to team up with Live Nation.
We'll be working hard for the opportunity to play at festivals overseas in the near future.
Also, I want to drink good sake with everyone!