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【English Version Series③】 BAND-MAID Road to “WORLD DOMINATION” BOCHUM


English edition serialization: BAND-MAID Road to “WORLL DOMINATION” / 6/24/2019 Bochum/Germany @ Zeche

Original article: BARKS

6/24/2019 Bochum, Germany @Zeche 

Dear masters and mistresses...
How has everyone been doing?
This is Kanami, the guitar player♪
We're in Germany right now!

For our European run we offered our service in London and Paris.
And then to bring our European run to an end our 3rd stop to embark on our service was in Bochum, Germany! !

This is actually the 2nd time we offered our services in Bochum. The first time we stopped by was during our 2017 world tour (November 5, 2017).
The venue we played at was a small music club right next the forest called "Zeche."
It was this amazing location where you could hear the birds chirping and singing♪

▲Outside of the venue we served at in Bochum

And here we have the catering.
The staff at the venue made some delicious food for us all on their own. It was really something to behold!
The catering area had different autographs from famous artists who had come there before to perform.
Everyone got to enjoy their meal right in that space. It was truly delicious. .


▲Photos of artists who performed at Zeche (backstage)

I sure hope that BAND-MAID gets to grace this spot with a photo of our own someday... (`・ω・´)

Before we got started on our service we did a meet and greet.
A lot of the masters and mistresses who came by seemed to be very shy!
There were quite a few who greeted us in Japanese. They kindly came up and said things like "konnichiwa" and "arigato." It was very cute to see lol.

▲Meet and greet in Bochum

Although a lot of our masters and mistresses seemed shy before we started serving,
they instantly went wild as soon as we jumped to it and started with the show!

▲The view from the stage while we served

They were raising their hands, raising their fists, and jumping around to sing with all their might!
It was even more exciting and crazier than the last time we played here. It was amazing to see!
I was so happy to see everyone listening to BAND-MAID's music with such passion.

I can tell that the masters and mistresses here in Germany love hard rock music.
The crowd especially went wild for intense songs like "Screaming" and "Moratorium" (`・ω・´)ノ

▲Kanami playing a guitar solo

▲View from the crowd of us serving

We also unveiled two new songs that we haven't released yet.
I'm glad that everyone took the chance to listen to them carefully♪

So, there's just one more show left for our European tour...
I'll be sure that we serve with everything we have!

I'll also make sure that we do everything we can to come back here again!
Thanks for sticking with us and showing your support!♪

▲Kanami's guitar rig

▲Inside look at Kanami's spot on stage

Photo credits: Revolver Records