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I am not getting the email magazine.

There is a possibility of the following, so please check.

■It has been automatically filtered or rejected as spam

<If using a computer email address>
It is possible that emails from our site are not reaching you as they have been recognized as "spam mail" due to the settings of your email service, email software, antivirus software, etc. Please check all your inbox folders including your spam mail folder, or check the settings of your service and software.

<If using a mobile email address>
It is possible that our emails are not reaching you due to the spam prevention function or domain specified email reception of your mobile phone company.
After setting up domain specified email reception in order to receive emails from, please contact us using the Contact Form.

*Even if you do not recall personally adjusting the settings for incoming emails, it is possible that your carrier (cell phone company) may have high-security default settings. Please make sure to check all of the above before contacting us.

■The correct email address was not registered

Please check your email address registration information on "My Page."

In case that you cannot resolve your trouble even if you read the above, please contact us from the Inquiry form below.
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