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【RELEASE & MEDIA INFO】 Updated on 2018/7/31


This is the main page for BAND-MAID's media performances and release information.



Sales for the first half of the tour have started!

Tour details:


"start over" commemorative release! SNS Campaign! Signed poster as a present!


Streaming on itunes has begun! "start over" is now available!


Available for subscription from release date!


・Apple Music


Latest MV now available!
2018.07.25 Release 3rd Single「start over」MV

2018.04.13 Zepp Tokyo 「REAL EXISTENCE」


"start over no." moves around Tokyo!

Ad truck "start over no." will be moving around Tokyo!

If you happen to see it, please tweet with the hashtag #bandmaid!


■「start over」CD shop gift with purchase has been confirmed!

Shops listed below selling BAND-MAID 3rd SINGLE「start over」from 7/25 onwards

Customers who buy the First Press Limited Edition A (CRZP-35), First Press Limited Edition B (CRCP-10406)

or Regular Edition (CRCP-10407) will receive a gift with purchase on a first-come-first-served basis.  

Gift includes:
B2 Sized Poster 

Participating stores:


Disc Union Original Gift: Badge 


DiscPia Nihonbashi Store: Purchasers will be able to participate in a lucky draw on a first-come-first-served basis to win a poster signed by one of the members (limited to 5 pax)
※ Gift with purchase is subject to availability and will be discontinued once stocks run out.


「start over」commemorative receipt with member autograph will be issued!

To commemorate the release of BAND-MAID's Major 3rd Single 『start over』,
during this period, at the Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maru Building store
customers who purchase 『start over』will receive a receipt that includes a print of a member's autograph!

Period of availability: 24th July 2018 (Tues) - 5th Aug 2018 (Sun)
Participating stores: Tower Records Umeda Osaka Maru Building store
Applicable item: 「start over」
First Press Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray+Bonus Card+CD) CRZP-35 ¥7,389+tax Special Edition (Luxurious Box Edition)
First Press Limited Edition B (CD+DVD) CRCP-10406 ¥3,685+tax
Regular edition (CD) CRCP-10407 ¥1,000+tax

Only for those who have purchased! Please buy CDs from the participating shops!


FamiRadi broadcast confirmed!
「start over」will be broadcast nationwide!
The week of 7/17〜BAND-MAID「start over」

<To be broadcast in Family Mart/Circle K/Sunkus stores "FamiRadi">
Broadcast period: 7/17 (Tues) 17:00 - 7/31 (Tues) 3:59
Track to be broadcast: BAND-MAID 「start over」

Night program to be broadcast nationwide in Family Mart, Circle K and Sunkus (approx. 17,500 stores).

On-air for 11 horus from 17:00 - 3:59
Track will be repeated every 1 hour.
Every Tuesday around midnight,
the song on Family Mart's HP will be changed.


■NACK5 POWER PLAY Confirmed!
End July - POWER PLAY「start over」


web interview







BAND-MAID will be appearing at Shibuya Hit Vision!

BAND-MAID will be appearing at the Hit Visions listed below!


Performances at numerous summer festivals!


8/5 (Sun) ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2018

8/19 (日)SUMMER SONIC 2018



Appearance Information

・2018/7/23(Mon)13:30~ FM Ehime 「LINK」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/23(Mon)25:30~ NACK5「RadiAna」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI ※Live Broadcast 

・2018/7/23(Mon) ~18:10 FM Fukui 「SMOOTH」 Miku Kobato, KANAMI

・2018/7/23(Mon) ~23:55 HOT AIR WAVE Miku Kobato

・2018/7/24(Tues) ~18:10 FM Fukui 「SMOOTH」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/24(Tues)~23:55 HOT AIR WAVE AKANE

・2018/7/25(Wed)~18:10 FM Fukui 「SMOOTH」 Miku Kobato, AKANE

・2018/7/25(Wed)18:00~ NACK5「KiraStar」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI ※Public live footage from Ikebukuro Sunshine Fountain Plaza

・2018/7/25(Wed) ~23:55 HOT AIR WAVE KANAMI

・2018/7/26(Thurs)12:00~ FMK 『Pangea』Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/26(Thurs)~18:10 FM Fukui 「SMOOTH」 Miku Kobato, MISA

・2018/7/26(Thurs) ~23:55 HOT AIR WAVE MISA

・2018/7/27(Fri)~23:55 HOT AIR WAVE SAIKI

・2018/7/24(Tues)23:00~ ZIP-FM 「PEEPS!」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/26(Thurs)16:00~ FM Kagoshima 「μ’s UP」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/28(土)27:00~Tokaiラジオ「So Music!!」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/28(Sat)12:30~ HFM「 Headphone Ojisan CX」 Miku Kobato, KANAMI

・2018/7/29(Sun)10:00~ RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting 「Maya-san no Radio Desumasu」Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/29(Sun)20:00~@FM807 「Oshi☆Men Fun Club」

・2018/7/30(Mon)7:30~ FMK 『Morning Glory』 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/7/30(Mon)17:00~ FM Gifu 「TWILIGHT MAGIC」 Miku Kobato, KANAMI

・2018/7/30(Mon)17:00~ FM Okayama 「TWILIGTH PAVEMENT」 Miku Kobato, MISA

・2018/7/30(Wed)22:00~ NACK5「THE Tamashi」Miku Kobato, SAIKI ※Live broadcast

・2018/8/2(Tues)20:00~@FM 「ROCK YOU!」 Miku Kobato, KANAMI

・2018/8/5(Sun)12:00~ MRT Radio「RadiMon!! Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/8/5(Sun) NBC Radio「MUSIC WOLF」

・2018/8/6(Mon)21:00~ RKB Radio「RKBMusic File」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/8/8火)~19:55 HFM 「MUSIC VOICE」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI

・2018/8/19(Sun)20:00~20:30 FMNagasaki BAND-MAID Special Program

Broadcast dates to be confirmed.

・FM Ishikawa 「Ciao! ~style up your life~」 Miku Kobato, KANAMI


・KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting「Good Morning KRY」 7:00~ Miku Kobato, AKANE

・KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting 「Kotomi Tokuda's Favorite Music」 12:00~ Miku Kobato, AKANE

・KRY Yamaguchi Broadcasting 「Noon ZENKAI Radio Time」Miku Kobato, AKANE



On-air dates:7/23 (Mon)~7/27(Fri)
MV「start over」※With different comments from members each day

★Music Channel「MUSIC ON! TV(M-On!)」music program
Program name:ZOOM UP!
Broadcast info:Mon-Fri weekly 6:30〜7:00

※MUSIC ON! TV (M-On!) is a music channel available on Sukapa!, J:COM, Cable TV and Hikari TV etc.
For more details, please check MUSIC ON! TV (M-On!) Official Site (

・2018/7/20(Fri)24:00~CBC TV 「Maple Super Music♪」

・2018/7/23(Mon)~25:29 NIB Nagasaki International TV「AIR」 Miku Kobato, SAIKI


・2018/7/28(Sat)9:30~ KKT Kumamoto Prefectural TV「Sata de Coco」

・2018/7/29(Sun)25:10~ OAB Oita Asahi Broadcast 「SOLD OUT」

・2018/8/1(Wed)04:55~ Fuji TV「Wake Up TV」

・2018/8/5(Sun)24:30~ Fuji TV「Love music」

・2018/8/9(Thurs) NCC Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting「JUNK BOX」

・2018/8/19(Sun)NBC Nagasaki Broadcasting「MUSIC WOLF TV」

・2018/8/19(Sun)RKK Kumamoto Broadcasting「SOUND STEADY」



GIGS AKANE Drum Class "Drum-cho" is being serialized

・JUNGLE LIFE(Interview) Distribution starts on 7/14

・YoungGuitar(Revue) Released on 7/10 

・MUSICA(Revue) Released on 7/15 

・Player(Interview 4P) Released on 8/2 

・Go!Go!GUITAR(Interview) Released on 7/27 

・ROCKIN'ON JAPAN (Interview) Released on 7/30  

・GiGS(Interview/Performance)+serialization Released on 7/27

・Headban (Interview) Released on 7/30 (Sun)